Grammar on my terms

Note to Self

Jun 17, 2005 - 1 minute read - Comments

Just an FYI to future versions of myself. If your job ever consumes so much of your time, you don’t even have enough time to update your blog. Quit. If your work days become one long stretch of HURRY AND GET THIS DONE, HURRY AND GET THIS DONE, YOU KNOW WHAT, WHILE YOU ARE HURRYING, WE NEED TO ADD THIS FEATURE BECAUSE OUR CLIENTS INTERNAL PROBLEMS MUST BECOME OURS. Quit. If your work keeps you from enjoying what you do most, and your job involves doing what you like to do most. Quit. If your life becomes the above, and your employer doesn’t offer you a big raise because of the work you do, and doesn’t pay you comp time, and doesn’t have profit sharing. Quit….

So, Why haven’t I quit yet?