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Wild on san antonio

Sep 22, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments

I would have to say we live well within the boundaries of the metropolitan area known as San Antonio. However I have been continually surprised by the number of wild animals I have seen moving on and around the streets near our apartment. Not 2 days ago me and Brandie were on our way home from home depot and we see a 5 point buck (Male deer, antlers with 5 points) casually walking down the center of the road and was not startled at all when we slowed and stopped at a near by stop sign. Last night we had another encounter of a different type. At about 5:00 am Brandie woke to a noise that made her search the house a few times. Until she noticed the noise was coming from our 3rd floor balcony! Next thing I know Brandie is waking me up whispering “Derrick! Derrick!, There is raccoon on our porch!“. Sure enough, I lookout and there on the dark porch was what appeared to be a small bear cub at first, Then Brandie made a small tapping sound on the window and the thing turned around. Sitting on our porch was the biggest raccoon I have ever seen, Shredding the garbage bags I had left to be taken down the next morning. At first I was inclined to just let it be, I had no desire to interfere with a extremely large raccoon and his midnight feast. Imagine meeting fat Albert in a dark alley trying to fend him off from the truck full of jelly filled donuts behind you. Then you’ve got some idea why I was not looking forward to shewing the creature from my balcony. then I realized the mess that would be made, and the likeliness that shredded parts of my garbage would be littered ac cross the ground 3 stories down and on the balconies below me. I flashed the porch light, no effect. Brandie tapped on the window some more, He just looks at Brandie through the window and sniffs, Pondering if she would make a nice dessert. then I shook the door, then a little harder, then even harder. it was only then that he decided it was just too weird and a truck full of jelly field donuts wasn’t worth sticking around for, and lumbered off the balcony and down the stairs. It wasn’t until he was gone that brandie looks at me and says. “We should have taken a picture”…….