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I’m a software engineer with 16 years of on the job experience fluent in Python, GoLang, Javascript, AngularJS and HTML5 in addition to experience with Java, PHP, Perl and C/C++.

Experienced with both backend server development and frontend UI/UX. I’ve done just about everything in the technology industry from kernel module to mobile game development. I’ve been an openstack contributor; I’ve run a small game startup, a few open source projects and several development teams, not only as technical lead but as mentor and project manager. I enjoy building systems with an eye for usability, sustainability and availability. I also enjoy being a liaison for teams and individuals and bringing individuals together to clear roadblocks for joint projects.

Most recently I’ve been lecturing on containers and kubernetes as I believe these represent the future of building robust, sustainable and highly available systems. I am actively seeking opportunities to work with kubernetes in a production environment.

Also, my former employees said I was the best boss they ever worked for. Which is cool because I didn’t pay them a lot, so I must have been awesome =D



Cinder Extension (https://github.com/rackerlabs/rackspace_cinder_extensions) is a set of cinder extensions used to gain insight to a cinder deployment using lunr.

AtomHopper (https://github.com/rackerlabs/atom-hopper) Is a Java based ATOM PUB Server. I maintained this project for a short while.


Hubble (https://github.com/thrawn01/hubble) is a very flexible and powerful shell environment manager. I wrote this primarily to make interacting with disparate openstack deployments. However it's usability is generatlized enough to be used for non openstack projects.

SubCommand (http://subcommand.org) is a simple and concise SubCommand parser to assist CLI developers in creating relatively complex CLI tools.

Args (http://github.com/thrawn01/args) is a 12 factor app configuration and argument parser designed for use in distributed services with support for CLI clients and live server configuration reloading.


SuperRetro16 (http://www.superretro16.com) is Super NES Emulator for Android. Wrote Software emulation for SPC700, SuperFX and 65c186 and others in RISC assembly. C++ JNI interface code for the Android platform to interface with the RISC assembly, wrote Dropbox support for syncing ROMS across devices and ported SuperRetro16 product to the Ouya Console (http://ouya.com).

Air Kingdoms http://www.airkingdoms.com I provided the inspiration of original game design, Motivated the creative direction of the game. Organized and managed developers and artists, with a focus on employee empowerment and 1 on 1 sessions. Wrote early Prototype with a focus on fun first. Engineered early pathing system based on heat maps.

Work History

Working as a developer in the industry for 16+ years

Developer III - Rackspace 2013-2016

Welcomed back to the rackspace family by the same team (Cloud Block Storage). I continued to support the product while striving to make the system more reliable and supportable. Continued mentoring and giving talks, Introduced golang for our backend support services. Created development roadmaps, mockups and coded Encore UI pages for support to gain insight into CBS and provide fanatical support. Wrote tons of supportability scripts and operations tools using SALT/Python. Joined the Intel/Rackspace OSIC initiative with the high level goal of encouraging enterprise adoption by focusing development on capabilities that simplify daily operation.

Partner - BubbleZap Games 2012-2013

Me and a partner developed a SuperNES emulator in our spare time beginning late 2007 and eventually launched on the android market with little success. Only after google started to crack down on GPL violators did our emulator begin to gain traction around 2011-2012. Soon we had enough income to employ both the original founders an additional developer, and two artists. After a heartbreaking fall out with my partner I left the company and returned to Rackspace.

Developer III - Rackspace 2009-2012

While filling the role of a developer; I continued to seek ways of improving process and create tools that help eliminate non-value add tasks. I write documentation in the form of procedures and guidelines for myself and others. I have fixed complex technical problems and provided complete solutions in a timely manner and in critical situations. I continue to actively mentor and encourage others to embrace change and improve the quality of their work.

var Projects = []string {
  "Cloud Block Storage",
  "Customer View - Ticketing Service",
  "Global Data Center Maintenance Calendar",
  "Difficulty Management (Incident Management - UK )",
  "Notification Tool Re-factor and stabilization",
  "ITIL Implementation of Change Management in ServiceNow",
  "ITIL Implementation of Help Desk in ServiceNow",
  "Maintain Atom Pub Server in Java",
  "CORE Developer",

Software Engineer - Billing Solutions Group

Maintained and improve radius proxy servers product written in Python and assisted in the special projects division of systems development with C++ development. Designed and improved web applications (Python, PHP, JavaScript) and assisted the web development team with infrastructure changes. Assisted Systems administration in designing a system of programs and scripts written in perl and python to automate install and manage Linux operating systems.

var Projects = []string {
  "Radius Server Developer (Python)",
  "AT&T Wifi Clearing House software",
  "Migrated source code from Sourcesafe to Subversion revision control",
  "Created new build system for half a million lines of code (C++, QT)",
  "Introduced Unit Testing with CXXTest and Ctest (C++)",
  "Data entry web Interface for Telephone LEC's ( PHP, Mysql, Smarty, Javascript )",
  "PHP library to interface with the proprietary clearing house engine ( PHP, Mysql )",
  "Defined and Simplified software deployment prodcedures",
  "Developed a regression testing system for the core processing engine ( Python )",
  "Developed Credit Card processing API for e-commerce client sites (PHP)",

Software Engineer - Logical Solutions Inc 2000-2006

Software engineer for “Point Of Sale” IQ2000 systems. Innovated and improved current administrative tools. Designed, implemented and tested POS terminals for nationwide deployment. Provided remote on the phone technical support for Logical Solutions POS systems. Advised management on technical software related issues. Active in teaching other programmers new programming languages, emphases on using the correct software language to meet the client's needs. Organized software developers and electronic engineers to achieve project goals. Able to handle multiple development projects simultaneously. Able to learn new protocols and technologies (RFCs), Identify bugs or problems in 3rd party, open source libraries and fix them without 3rd party assistance. Designed and wrote software to meet and exceed client requirements, budget and timeline.

Projects = []string {
  "Web Configuration App for IQ2000 (Perl)",
  "Developed Linux 2.6 kernel device drivers for Intel 8255 digital I/O controller for LCD and keypad",
  "Constructed an embedded Linux distro from busybox, 8MB RAM 15MB diskonchip for win-systems boards",
  "LED Sign Control Software on an embedded Linux platform, via RS-485 network (C)",
  "Re-wrote some of libSSH for a remote SFTP project",
  "Modified bsdftpssl FTP daemon to support 990 SSL protocol",
  "Designed and developed Touch screen POS ticket terminals",
  "Wrote parallel printer drivers for a high-speed thermal ticket printer",
  "Wrote Serial communication for VFD Display",
  "Implemented a struct based communication protocol for ticket printer operation via TCP/IP",
  "Wrote the server daemon for communicating to the POS terminals",
  "Created custom device driver API for POS Terminals (C++/QT)",
  "Wrote a secure web application for administering the POS data collection system",
  "Wrote command line scripts for automated administration and maintenance of the POS data warehouse",
  "Designed and implemented master queuing daemon for central collection server",
  "Wrote Perl toolkit for reading and writing foxpro codebase database files",
  "Designed and wrote statistical employee graph reports for payroll",
  "Designed and wrote sales reporting and historical comparison reports",
  "Modified http://www.issue-tracker.com to access both MS SQL Server and MYSQL to meet internal company needs",

type ContactInfo

Email: thrawn01@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thrawn01

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thrawn01

Blog: http://thrawn01.org

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