I learn from the mistakes of people who took my advice 🤣

My name is Derrick Wippler, I’m a Developer, Mentor, Friend, Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Gamer, and Builder.

Things I’ve Written

Things I’ve Built

  • Gubernator is a high performance rate limiting service and library written in golang and battle tested at Mailgun
  • Mailgun.com is a highly scalable email SaaS company which scales to billions of emails delivered each day.
  • GroupCache Fork A modified version of group cache with support for context.Context, go modules, and explicit key removal and expiration.
  • Hubble is a CLI tool for managing environment variables for other CLI tools like novaclient and kubectl
  • Git-clip is a CLI tool used in conjunction with git to manage git branches, by “clipping” old branches and providing visibility into the state of you local branches at a glance.
  • SuperRetro 16 is a SNES emulator I wrote with a good friend and tried to form a company around.

Things I Believe

  • You can have strong opinions but, don’t hold them too close to your heart.
  • Open Source is the vehicle through which humanity achieves sustainable innovation.
  • You should never guess, always inspect, measure, and then act.
  • If your entire focus is on code, you will get beautiful code, but a poor product.
  • Everyone has value, some just haven’t seen it yet, It’s our job to help them see it.
  • If you don’t have a strategy for handling technical debt you are doomed to lose velocity over the life of your product.
  • The key isn’t finding the perfect product, so much as it is figuring out the method for making successful products.
  • The point of a debate is to argue a position, the point of a conversation is to exchange ideas. One is productive, the other is not. Life is too short to argue with those who only wish to debate, but not educate.
  • My favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting.

And finally, Don’t take any one thing to seriously, including this.

Things I’ve Worked On

I’m currently trying to build an open source based company with the goal of building an eco system which encourages efficiency, sustainability and high velocity, by creating a pit of success which developers will accidentally fall into, by virtue of the environment, platform and frameworks we build.


I helped lead the engineering department at mailgun.com, and previously worked at Rackspace where I helped launch and operate the Cloud Block Storage product. See About Me page for details.


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