First we install the python cinderclient module

sudo pip install python-cinderclient

In order to create a volume using cinder you need a few things from the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel

Your username and account number

Your API key

Look for the ‘Region’ value on the server detail page

There are 3 valid regions

  • DFW – Dallas
  • ORD – Chicago
  • LON – London

Now create a file called ~/cinderrc

export OS_AUTH_URL=
export OS_USERNAME=<Your Username>
export OS_PASSWORD=<Your API Key>
export OS_TENANT_NAME=<Your Account Number>
export OS_REGION_NAME=<DataCenter>
export CINDER_VOLUME_SERVICE_NAME=cloudBlockStorage

Source the file into your environment and test your settings by running cinder

source ~/cinderrc
cinder list

If you don’t get an error, it worked! You can now create a new block storage device by issuing something similar to the following

cinder create 100 --display-name thrawn01-vol --volume-type ssd
cinder list