I’m sick today, first time since the move. Being sick does weird things to the way I think. this time around it brought up a weird experience I forgot about during the trip here. On the second trip to San Antonio when we were hauling our stuff in the penskie truck we drove thru Houston at about 2:00 am in the morning. 2:00 am and we hit the first spaghetti junction, and it’s a huge one. highways zig zagging across the the skys, multiple exit and on ramps and tons of headlights from cars going moving up and down the spaghetti junction… No. Wait.. there are no cars… not a single one. As far as I can see I’m the only vehicle on any of the ramps or highways as we pass. Ok… Just chance. then it hits me. I’m on a highway with 6 lanes 2:00 am in the morning just hit Houston metro and I’m the only car on the highway. Houston has what.. 3 million people? you can’t tell me that all 3 MILLION people are asleep at 2:00 am on a Monday morning. After continuing for a while we hit downtown. No less creepy. Downtown skyscrapers seam dark. a few cars trickle down the now 8 lanes of highway (some of which are police cars) but for most part, it just has this sureal end of the world, nucular disaster, type feel to the place. we hit a few more spaghetti junctions after that all looked the same. It was really creepy. Not sure if that is the norm for houston, but I don’t see how that many people could be at home, all at the same time… weird.